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Contact Information
Office: 952-681-6600
Attendance: 952-681-6602
Health Office: 952-681-6608
Fax: 952-681-6601

Brian Ingemann
Phone: 952-681-6650
Email: bingeman@isd271.org

Assistant Principal
Tim Ciavarri
Phone: 952-681-6616
Email: tciavarri@isd271.org

Dean of Students
Rebecca Brower
Phone: 952-681-6620
Email: rbrower@isd271.org

Galaxy Youth Center Site Leader
Ben Keist
Phone: 952-681-6606
Email: bkeist@isd271.org

PTSA President
Gini Bergstrom
Email: giniberstrom07@yahoo.com

School Board Member Ambassador
Ric Oliva
Phone: 952-944-6227

School Webmaster
Tara Oldfield
Phone: 952-681-6609
Email: toldfield@isd271.org