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Clerks & Paraprofessionals


Jodi Bresnahan, DPP Clerk
Phone: 952-681-6628
Email: jbresnahan@isd271.org

Stacey Ensrud, Secretary
Phone: 952-681-6615
Email: sensrud@isd271.org

Laura Kruchten, Secretary
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: lkruchten@isd271.org

Kimsure Lofton, Secretary
Phone: 952-681-6603
Email: kproeung@isd271.org

Jess Wood, Media Clerk
Phone: 952-681-6625
Email: jwood@isd271.org


Linda Bartosh
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: lbartosh@isd271.org

Jodi Cole
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: jcole@isd271.org

Marie Enderbe
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: menderbe@isd271.org

Kay Erickson
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: kerickson@isd271.org

Tina Jones
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: cjones1@isd271.org

Deb Lingen
Phone: 952-681-6600
Email: dlingen@isd271.org

Katie Martin
Phone: 952-681-6669
Email: kmartin@isd271.org

Sue Schmidt
Phone: 952-681-6669
Email: sschmidt@isd271.org