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Jennifer Berglund

Jennifer Berglund portrait
Oak Grove Middle School
Physical Education
Oak Grove Middle School

I have been teaching at Oak Grove Middle School for 19 years! I did my first year of teaching in Kingston Upon Thames in London, England. I taught at an all girls, private boarding school. I did my undergrad at Winona State University and my graduate studies at St. Mary's University. I have two daughters! When I'm not at Oak Grove I teach group fitness classes at the YMCA in Burnsville and I facilitate the Young Women's Leadership Forum.

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar
AD1001 3 Advisory 6/7/8 A-01/1/B-01
PH1801 6 Phy Ed 8 A-02/2 Yes Yes
PH1801 7 Phy Ed 8 A-03/3 Yes Yes
PH1801 8 Phy Ed 8 A-04/4 Yes Yes
PH1801 9 Phy Ed 8 A-07/7 Yes Yes
PH1801 10 Phy Ed 8 A-08/8 Yes Yes
PH1801 1 Phy Ed 8 B-02/2 Yes Yes
PH1801 2 Phy Ed 8 B-03/3 Yes Yes
PH1801 3 Phy Ed 8 B-04/4 Yes Yes
PH1803 1 DA Phy Ed 8 B-07/7 Yes Yes
PH1801 5 Phy Ed 8 B-08/8 Yes Yes
Minnesota Department of Education Innovation Research Zone district

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